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Dr.Rajashekar is different

Dr.Rajashekar is different

Dr.Rajashekar is different

Dr.Rajashekar is different Dr.Rajashekar and his wife Jeevitha are the most unlucky couple in Film Industry and as well as in Politics. Every attempt and effort of them left a bitter experience since the last one year. Rajashekar could not deliver a hit film since a year, except for an average film like ‘Gorintaaku’. His last film, ‘Yevadaithe Nakeniti?’ was able to draw the attention of people with controversy taken place between the couple and Actress Neetu Chandra. However, the film proved to be another big flop for Dr.Rajashekar.

Now, once again he is coming soon with a different style with the film ‘Naa Stayele Veeru.’ The storyline described by the Director G. Ram Prasad is quite uninteresting and un-encouraging for the ready to be released soon film. It’s a story of a person who changed his lifestyle with an incident.

Actress Bhumika who is pairing up with him is another disadvantage for the film, as she can create a negative impression with her classic image. She is known as homely heroine and cannot attract the masses like Nayantara or Anushka and others. All these things may sum up to make the film another flop.

The film is expected to hit the screens by the end of this month. The film is produced by Maganti Gopinath.

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