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Drona Telugu Movie Review

Drona Movie Review

Drona Movie Review

The Film

This is s mindless film of concocted incidents with a generous sprinkling of the so-called masala elements at random in the name of mass entertainment.

Drona Movie Review

Drona Movie Review

The Synopsis

Drona (master Sai Krishna) plays with his friends with the revolver of his father (Mukesh Rishi) a committed police officer, who bashes his son for this dangerous game. Drona disappears from the house leaving his mother (Seetha) as a weeping wreck.

Drona (Nitin) comes back to his home after ten years. Though he knows his parents, they do not know him to be their son. He gets friendly with the neighbouring girl (Priyamani) who knows his real identity and the fact that he is now a trained thief.

Later it is revealed that young Drona did not runaway from home but kidnapped by underworld kingpin (Kelly Dorjee) who is in the business of training children to make them thieves.
How the hero deals with the villain forms the rest of the film culminating in a predictable climax.

Drona Movie Review

Drona Movie Review

The Performances

It is high time that Nitin realizes that acting is not within the purview of his skills. Priyamani, a national award winner for acting, has nothing much to do except liberally exposing her female assets. Mukhesh Rishi, Seetha and Dorjee are adequate in their roles. Sunil and Venu Madhav look lackluster.

The Techniques

Too many cooked up incidents give a touch of irrelevance to the narration of the story. The screenplay has its own loopholes and suffers from predictability. The treatment appears to be based on the routine of three fights and six songs, a flashback and a few ridiculous scenes thrown in to fill the gaps.

All the technical departments functioned at below par effectiveness. It will be best for the director to hone his skills better before he ventures to direct his next project.

Drona Movie Review

Drona Movie Review

The Verdict
Drona is an unexpected assault on the senses and an unpardonable insult to the intelligence of the audience. This is a worth-a-miss film.

The Cast and Crew

Nitin, Priyamani, Kelly Dorjee, Mukesh Rishi, Seeta, Siva Prasad, Venu Madhav, Sunil, Master Sai Krishna and others

Music: Anoop Rubens

Cinematography: Bhupati

Editor : Gautam Raju

Dialogues: Harsha Vardhan

Choreogrpahy: Amma Rajasekhar

Art: AS Prakash

Producer: DS Rao

Banner: Sai Krishna Productions

Director: Karuna Kumar
The Rating

1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

1 poor 2 average 3 good 4 very good 5 excellent

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