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Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Movie Review

Vishnu who came with Denikaina Ready came with Doosukeltha today. Let us see what impact he made with Doosukeltha.

Chinna (Vishnu) woos Dr.Alekhya (Lavanya Tripathi) who saved her from the hench men of Dilleswara Rao (Pankaj Tripathi) while conducting a sting operation for TV 2-1/2’s Avtar (Posani). When Alekhya was about to accept Chinna’s love, she comes to know that Chinna was her childhood enemy before it took Chinna’s convincing that she was in bigger danger from her own relatives. What was the danger, how Chinna saved her winning her back forms the rest of the story.

Vishnu repeated the performances of his earlier films and improved upon his comedy timing, action, stunts and dances. He even tried new hairstyle but only a few will be impressed with his new look. Lavanya Tripathi didnot look good in her second outing compared to her debut performance in Andala Rakshasi. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rao Ramesh, Ali, Raghu Babu, Bharat and others played accordingly. Brahmanandam did well with his comedy along with Vennela Kishore and Posani.

Manisharma failed to impress with his music as none of the songs are good to hear. However backgound score passes through. Editing could have been better.Production values are good.

Veeru Potla selected routine story. Starting of the first half is quite boring. However later fun levels picksup and reaches its peak in the second half. The film with proper publicity will reach safe zone. Vishnu realised his strength is comedy crappers and is doing well in selecting similar scripts.

Doosukeltha is a decent entertainer.

The Rating
3 out of 5

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