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Discussion about Samantha’s Dog

Discussion about Samantha’s Dog

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is not just the queen of Tollywood but also she is the diva on twitter. She is famous for her tweets which are not only informative but also critical.
Samantha tweeted about her scary looking cute dog. She posted, “They say parents think their kids are the cutest despite them being. Well not so cute. I totally understand now.” To this her stylist Neeraja Kona questioned, ‘Babe how did he end up looking like a mouse?’ Samantha replied, “Firstly he’s a she. You’re horrible aunt. And yes she reminds me of the rat in ratatouille.”
Neeraja apologized to Samantha but Sam was clever enough that she asked her to send some chocolates so as to get her apology accepted. This whole discussion about a ‘dog’ entertained Sam’s followers. Samantha started the shooting of Bunny-Trivikram film yesterday.

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