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Discovery of Salman khan

Discovery of Salman khan

Discovery of Salman khan

Bollywood eight packed hero who was in the city of Greece, for the shooting of his forthcoming film, ’Wanted,’ has discovered that dogs in the Greece are highly mannered, and behaves very decently unlike Indian dogs which fights with each other. His discovery supported by a theory that states, the culture and geographical location of a country not only affects the human beings but also street dogs.

Salman khan said that, ‘When, I was on my morning walk, I have observed that a street dog following me. After a while when I turned back I am surprised to see more dogs from the other streets, joined the first dog and start escorting me silently. To my surprise neither of the dogs is fighting with each other, which is a rare phenomena. I am really surprise to observe that all those dogs silently escorting me, starts disbursing to their own streets in my return walk. I have seen many times in our country that street dogs normally refrain to their own streets and don’t try to intrude into other streets fearing attack by the dogs in the other streets.’

So far no University came forward to honour Salman khan with a PhD, his thesis.

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