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Director Teja’s new venture takes a new turn

Director Teja’s new venture takes a new turnCameraman-turned-Director Teja made a slam-bang entry into Tollywood with a string of super-hit movies. He gave new life to budding heroes like Uday Kiran, Navadeep and Nitin. The director then did a vanishing act from the film field, with the same speed with which he had arrived.

Recently, Teja was back in the news, when he announced a new film titled Keka , for which an elaborate fresh faces selection process was put into motion, along with producers Suresh Productions and sponsors Kingfisher Airlines.

After the usual media blitz about the newcomers, it was announced that Yamini of Warangal has been selected to play the female lead in Keka. A couple of youngsters had also been finalized for the hero roles along with two dozen others for minor characters.

Then, according to the usually reliable Tollywood sources, something happened, the details of which are kept in tight wraps. First Suresh Productions dropped Teja like a hot potato and it was the turn of Vijay Malya’s Kingfisher Airlines to go for the vanishing trick.

However, the tenacious Teja is said to be coolly going ahead with the shooting of Keka.He went ahead and replaced most of the original cast and crew. The film is now being made under Teja’s own banner, Chitram Movies. Surprisingly, the son of famous lyric writer Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry, has been roped in be the hero. As usual, one more Mumbai model is being cast as the heroine. Instead of Ilayaraja, Chakri is scoring the music.

The film has gone to floors silently completing a 15-day schedule in the old city.

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