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Dil Raju distributing Ningi Nela Naade

Dil Raju distributing Ningi…Nela…Naade

Dil Raju distributing Ningi…Nela…Naade

The film titled Ningi…Nela…Naade is dubbed into Telugu from the Chinese film Invisible Wings directed by Feng Jenji, which won the Golden Elephant at the 15th International Children Film Festival 2008 held at Hyderabad.

The film deals with a young girl who accidentally loses both her hands, but with a strong will and perseverance she becomes a swimming champion.
The Telugu version is created by Chava Sudha Rani under the banner of Sujan Media Works Pvt Ltd and distributed all over Andhra Pradesh by Dil Raju.

For this film dialogues have been written by Vennelakanti, Lyrics are by Chandra Bose and music has been composed by Vandemataram Srinivasa Rao.

Ningi…Nela…Naade is slated for release on May 1.

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