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Dhruva Movie Review

Dhruva Movie Review

Dhruva Movie Review

Ram Charan whose last film ‘Bruce Lee’ bumped at the Box Office. So, he decides to resurrect with a different subject instead of routine mass masala movie. Taking a considerable gap, he decided to remake a successful Tamil film ‘Thani Oruvan’. He chose a complete makeover and strived hard to go for six-pack abs. To get a look of a real police officer, he got a army hair cut. Surender Reddy, wielded the megaphone and made certain changes in the script to suit the Telugu nativity. Let us see how far Ram Charan enthral the audiences with his performance.

Dhruva (Ram Charan) is fond of becoming a police officer. He joins the police training and befriends with some of his co-trainees. Even when he is undergoing training, he and his friends take time to help the police to crack the mystery of certain crimes. Meanwhile, Ishika (Rakul), daughter of Dhruva’s boss falls in love with Dhruva. However, Dhruva makes it clear that he is not after love, wife and family and his sole aim is duty. Despite that she continues to flaunt and move around him. One day she asks Dhruva, why he is disappearing from time to time. Then he reveals that he used to undertake certain secret operations to hunt criminals, based on newspaper reports. Dhruva thinks that a police officer should not eye small criminals because they work for some big shots and those shots will have political backing and these politicians in turn are the pawn in the hands of businessmen. So, he wanted to crack that big boss, so that he could make the fort crumble by chasing that criminal. During his chase for such top gun, he comes to know that there is one scientist Siddharth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy) is behind such organised crime.

Ram Charan excels as a police officer. His commitment could be realised as he develops a six-pack body. He completely changed his body language. We can also notice the change in his dialogue modulation. Though it is an action thriller, it is not a routine mass masala movie as both the lead artiste and the villain work on mind games. Those who played the friends of the lead artiste, including Navadeep and Ranadhir did a splendid job. Rakul, though has nothing much to perform, filled the glamour slot. Posani too is effective and evokes laughter here and there in the movie. Surprisingly, a villain, who looked handsome, too won the hearts of audiences with his style and his performance. The film-makers needed to be patted for choosing Aravind Swamy again as the villain in the Telugu version. Sayaji Shinde and Madhu (of Chakravakam-fame) did their best as chota villains. All the other artistes did justice to their respective roles.

When it comes to technical accepts, the film has a solid story and Surender Reddy chose to maintain the grip all through the movie with the help of a tight screenplay. He perfectly made use of Mohan Raja story and with certain changes here and there he made it further effective. It appears Surender Reddy penned his own screenplay for the Telugu version. Music by Hip Hop Tamizha is okay, though not very good. However, the background score is good enough to lift the scenes.

Dhruva’s proposal scene at a crucial time in the second half was shot well. The use of number 8 in Dhruva’s logo was perfectly explained during climax. Though the runtime is lengthy you will never get the feel of getting bored anywhere in the movie. Even there are some lagging scenes, you don’t feel the boring pinch even there. Though the director chose to take cinematic liberty at many places, the Telugu audiences are used to enjoy them. Vema Reddy penned effective dialogues. Editing by Naveen Nooli is apt. PS Vinod’s cinematography is good. The production values of Gita Arts are worthy.

Though the film is worth watching, we need to mention one point. Though Ram Charan excelled as the lead artiste, Aravind Swamy dominated him as villain in the second half.

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