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Dhoni and Asin meet in Sri Lanka hotel?

Dhoni and Asin meet in Sri Lanka hotel?

MS Dhoni, Team India skipper is in Sri Lanka with his colleagues to play test match series. Actress Asin is also in Sri Lanka shooting for the Hindi remake of Telugu film Ready along with Salman Khan and the unit.

The news is that both Dhoni and Asin are put up in the same hotel and had been meeting each other. Asin and Dhoni had done a commercial ad together, and become fast friends. There were rumours of a link-up between the two.

Now that MS Dhoni is married to Sakshi Rawat, all rumours about Asin and even Laxmi Rai having romantic link-ups with Dhoni have subsided. But the chance occurrence of Asin and Dhoni in the same hotel in Sri Lanka have made the rumour mills busy.

Asin wasreportedly glad to have bumped into him. “It gave me a chance to congratulate him personally,” is what she is heard to have said.

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