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Dhanalakshmi Takes on RGV

Dhanalakshmi takes on RGV

Ram Gopal Varma, the maverick director took on Censor Board RO Dhanalakshmi by lodging criminal complaint against her for insulting and abusing him during the censor of his film Satya 2. He said this resulted in heavy losses for him. He even said she asked for 40 cuts for telugu version while his hindi version was passed with just 3 cuts. Dhanalakshmi responding to Ramu’s allegations said that she acted against the film as it has names close to real life persons. “We directed the filmmaker to replace the names of characters in the film as they relate to real characters. We acted against the film after receiving a memorandum from a news channel who claimed that Varma has used the name of its channel’s CEO.”. On 40 cuts Dhanalakshmi said it was a collective decision and said if Ramu had any problems he could have approached the review committee.

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