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Dhada Movie Review

Dhada Movie Review

The Film

Dhada, in the first place has a title that has nothing to do with the content of the film. Is it a crime thriller? No. A family drama? No. A

Dhada Movie Review

romantic action pot-boiler? No. A heroic war of good over evil? No. The film is just a pathetic hotchpotch of rubbish packaged with Los Angeles backdrop and a vain attempt to project Naga Chaitanya as an action star. A cluster of well orchestrated fights and peppily choreographed songs do not make a film.

The Synopsis

Vishwa (Naga Chaitanya) stays with his elder brother Rajeev (Srikanth) and sister-in-law Preethi (Samiksha) in Los Angeles. Being orphans Vishwa and Rajeev bond closely. Vishwa completes his graduation and spends his time drag-racing or back-street boxing or catching hold-up criminals.

Vishwa happens to meet Riya (Kajal Agarwal), a motherless young woman whose father (Mukhesh Rishi), a business tycoon, wants to get her married to Amit.

There is RD (Rahul Dev) who runs a trafficking racket. He is in agreement with Kelly (Kelly Dorji) to sell 100 women for Rs 2 cr each. It so happens that Vishwa is in the vicinity and he rescues the unfortunate women bashing up the baddies. Now RD is looking for Vishwa.

Dhada Movie Review

When Riya’s fiancé knows about the love affair of Riya and Vishwa, he gives a contract to RD to kill Vishwa. It is now revealed that Vishwa’s brother Rajeev works for RD and is instructed to locate Vishwa and kill him.

The rest is how Vishwa single handedly demolishes RD, Kelly et al.

The Performances

Naga Chaitanya is all at see because his character is not etched properly and his relationships with other characters are not delineated. He wears an all knowing smile which is fixed on him like frozen frolic frown. He wades through the film singing and fighting. Kajal Agarwal is more of a glam prop and has no role to display her thespian skills. With a broken leg and clicking cigar cutting clippers, Rahul Dev looks less

Dhada Movie Review

menacing and more like a caricature. Kelly Dorji has a cosmetic entry and exit. Srikanth and Samiksha look more like lifeless zombies. Brahmanandam as Chocolate Janakiram does not know what he is doing. Ali, MS Narayana, Uttej, Venumadhav and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam are all wasted.

The Techniques

Debutant director Ajay Bhuyan has to go back to the film institute to learn the basics of screenplay and the art of audio-visual story telling. There is no story to tell. The screenplay is so sloppy and sluggish that the narration is leisurely lethargic. To add to the woes of the viewers, there is a rewinding of scenes. Not only the climax, but every scene is predictable.

Abburi Ravi’s dialogues have no spice and add to the dullness of the flow of the film. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is peppy and the songs are choreographed well. But the songs appear patched into the narration. The comedy track is the worst joke of the film. The only saving grace is the cinematography by VS Gnanasekhar and the audiography. The film is technically well made and the production values are high.

The Verdict

Dhada is a celluloid disaster. The film does not have characters, only caricatures. The film has no story to tell except showing that the hero is bound to demolish the den of the villain. The incidents incorporated are an assault on the intelligence of the viewers.

Dhada Movie Review

When Naga first meets Kajal, both of them fall into a lake and Kajal rescues Naga as he does not know swimming. But in the climax, Naga dives into the deep ocean to rescue Kajal trapped in a SUV!

Abburi Ravi wrote a so-called punch-type dialogue to Naga Chaitanya ; “ Nenu neeku rendu options isthunnanu…” Now, you also have Two Options : See the film and feel bad about it. Don’t see the film and still feel bad about it. Because, you may not see any film, involving an upcoming hero with three hits, which can be so badly made.

The Cast and Crew

Naga Chaitanya, Kajal Agarwal, Srikanth, Samiksha, Rahul Dev
Directed by : Ajay Bhuyan
Produced by : Siva Prasad Reddy
Music by : Devi Sri Prasad

The Rating
2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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