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Designer wants Abhishek Bachchan’s picture on jewellery piece

Designer wants Abhishek Bachchan's picture on jewellery piece

Mumbai, Aug 18 : Designer Laksha Pahuja, who showcased a two segment collection at the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW), drew inspiration for one of his jewellery pieces from the film “Raavan” and wishes to have actor Abhishek Bachchan’s picture on it.

“The piece that is designed as having 10 heads is inspired by the film ‘Raavan’. The film didn’t do well but I really liked it so I decided to make this piece,” Pahuja told IANS.

“The jewellery item has 10 faces on it and there is one at the back, which is empty, I really wish to have Abhishek Bachchan’s picture on it since the item is inspired by a film in which he plays Raavan,” he said.

The piece, that is made of silver, gold and diamonds, was the only one that was showcased by a male model in the show.

The collection also had other impressive and innovative designs including the one with a dragon and the other with pink dolphins.

Talking about his jewellery that majorly was composed of gold, cubic zirconia diamonds and other precious stones, Pahuja said: “Jewellery is my passion and I am god gifted when it comes to the creativity of designs.”

“Also I am a goldsmith, so I exactly know how to make experimental and innovative jewellery. It is very important to know goldsmithing because only then you get to know how far you can go in experimentation.

“It is easy to put designs on paper but converting them to reality is something different,” he added.

The collection was divided into two parts. One had designs of cocktail jewellery that was primarily made of diamonds and coloured stones. The second segment boasted of more creative and futuristic designs.

IIJW is the first ever jewellery week taking place in India and will conclude Thursday. The event has been organised by the Gem and Jewellery Promotion Council.

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