Deepika Padukone Item song in underwear


Deepika Padukone Item song in underwear

The item song in films is usually hot and sizzling. Over a period of time, even heroines started appearing in item songs. The hot Bollywood babe Deepika Padukone is doing a special item number for the Telugu film ‘Love 4 Ever’.

The film is directed by Jayant C Paranje is the director. Randeep is the hero and Mridula is the heroine. The special song on Deepika Padukone was shot using four cameras.

The director says that the song will be one of the highlights of the film. Deepika is seen dancing with some foreigners in the song. While Deepika wears a short skirt, the other dancers are shown wearing a skimpy skirt that exposes the underwear completely. It remains to be seen how the censor will clear the song.

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