Deepika Attacks Katrina Indirectly

Deepika Attacks Katrina Indirectly

Everybody knows that Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are not best of friends. Sadly, their relation might worsen as Deepika has indirectly attacked Katrina for her controversial statement on the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Coincidentally, Deepika’s upcoming film ‘Aarakshan‘ deals with reservations, a politically sensitive issue. When asked if she had anything to say about the matter, she said, “We should not speak on political matters without having a proper understanding of it. Reservation is a touchy topic and a complex one at that. I can’t make off-the-cuff, casual remarks on issues of grave political and social importance.”

Was she referring to Kat’s remark on Rahul Gandhi being half-Indian, without really naming her? What came next, only served to confirm suspicions.

Said Deepika, “If I don’t understand politics I would stay away from making political statements. And I think people should not be casual on these subjects.”

How this sounds?

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