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Deepa Mehta to film Midnight’s Children

Deepa Mehta to film Midnight's Children

Deepa Mehta to film Midnight

India-born author Salman Rushdie and Indian Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta will collaborate to produce a movie based on his prize winning novel Midnight’s Children.

The book is a fictional work about Saleem who was born on the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947 just as Indian tri-colour was replacing British flag. His story encompasses the history of India from Independence until the end of emergency in 1977.

Well-known actors Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das, who had acted in Mehta’s earlier critically acclaimed but controversial movies including ‘Fire’ and ‘Earth’, will have major roles in the movie and the rest of the cast is still being finalised.
Rushdie and Mehta will together write the screen play and collaborate on all other aspects of the movie which they expect to be released sometime in 2010. They plan to begin work on it spring next year.

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