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Dasari-Chran’s controversy thickens

Dasari-Chran's controversy thickens

The duel between Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao and young hero Ram Charan Teja, who locked horns over heroines attending functions sometime ago, is turning ugly with each passing day. If Dasari comments that neither everyone who can dance can become heroes nor their steps can be called any dance.

Ramcharan Teja, in a hit back apparently, posted on social networking site Twitter that some who claim themselves as great directors are not making good films except for confining to giving lofty speeches. Though he didn’ name it’s obvious that Dasari Narayana Rao’s previous flicks Parama Veera Chakra and Young India couldn’t live upto the expectations. The feud between the veteran and youngster are getting circulated in the media circles almost on every day.

According to some, recent Nandi awards was reason for the current stand-off between the duo as Ramcharan felt that Dasari bagged Nandi award for best actor for his `Mesthri‘ by intense lobbying though he was entitled to the same for his `Magadheera‘.

Ramcharan targets Dasari in Twitter

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