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Dasari’s Dynamites On Tollywood

Dasari’s Dynamites On Tollywood

Vetaran director Dasari Narayana rao known for his outspokenness has done it again. Speaking as the chief-guest for the book launch of “My days with Baasha” penned by Director suresh Krishna on Thursday he slammed the stars in the industry.The 150 Movie old director said ‘’Rajanikanth is the real superstar in Indian filmdom.Moreover,he is a good human,he always respects his directors and technicians,despite being a numeruno
star,Rajini had never hidden the fact that has begged me a role in my film during his early days and re-calls it often.He is a real star,I fondly remember that has stopped my fiat car and requested me for a role in my film”Thoorpu Padamara” I’d have given him the role If I hadn’t confirmed Mohan babu for the role.It was just finalized two days before rajni Asked me,Else I’d have introduced rajnikanth to tollywood’’

He added ‘though I had introduced many of the stars to industry,most of them don’t Have gratitude.I don’t find fault about it,but surprisingly they’re trying to teach me Lessons and are daring me.They expect me to stand up and welcome them when they Walk in how shameful? Every actor,hero,and star should read this book and learn from it. Rumour mongers say that Dasari is referring to union minister k.chiranjeevi,buzz is that Dasari also slammed the akkineni clan indirectly referring to a film studio in Hyderabad lastly he said ‘I’m the one who made a barren land in to a grassy,productive one”I think I should state these facts in it and made them in public” He also made it clear that late NTR is the only super star in the telugu film industry and MGR,Rajinikanth in Tamil.

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