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Dasanna Movie Review

Dasanna Movie Review

The Film

Dasanna is a story of a good man under the tutelage of a bad man and how the goodness overcomes the evil through the love of a woman.

The Synopsis

There is a zamindar (Raghuvaran) who is a sex fiend. One of his henchmen Das (Sri Hari) is basically a good guy working for a salary. There is a girl (Meena) who has to be married. Her brother (Suman) fixes her marriage with Das. Then the zamindar eyes the girl and wants her in his bed. Will the girl marry Das or will she prefer the rich, cozy bed of the zamindar?

Dasanna Movie Review

The Performances

Sri Hari is loud and boisterous. Raghuvaran looks like a real sex maniac. Meena is good in her role.. Suman is adequate. AVS and Posani are their usual selves.

The Techniques

An off-the-times story is poorly visualized and narrated with utmost disrespect for the viewer. Technically the film is average. Music is outdated.

The Verdict

Dasanna is an exercise in futility… a total waste of time and resources.

The Cast and Crew

Sri Hari, Raghuvaran, Meena, Suman, AVS, Posani and others

Music Director: M M Sreelekha

Producer: Natti Kumar

Director: D S P

The Rating

1.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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