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Darling Telugu Movie Review

Darling Telugu Movie Review


A regular tale, the story begins with Prabhas (Prabhas) who is in deep love with his childhood friend Nandini (Kajal) who lives in Switzerland. Their fathers (prabhu and ahuti prasad) are close friends and once in few years, they have a get together with other college friends (MS, Dharmavarapu and others). The time comes for the get together and Prabhas is all excited to meet Nandini as she is coming for a ten day vacation. But Nisha (shraddha) loves Prabhas and her father (mukesh) who is a powerful don will do anything for his daughter. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Darling Telugu Movie Review


The director has come up with a routine storyline but he presented it well and got the narration into few twists. The dialogues were alright, the script was well written and screenplay was interesting. Background score was a disappointment and only two songs were good. Special mention must be given to the Digital graphics team, they did a fabulous job. Cinematography was excellent. Editing was above average. Costumes were excellent, locations and art department was beautiful. Prabhas deserves full credit for shouldering the film very well but he must develop pace in his dance steps and fight sequences. Kajal looks sweet as usual and she looks much better without lot of make up.

Darling Telugu Movie Review

Prabhu was elegant, Dharmavarapu was regular, MS was usual, Mukesh was brief, Shraddha was hardly there, Ahuti was standard, Srinivas Reddy was funny, Chandra Mohan, Tulasi, Kota, Raja Sridhar and others were there to fill the screen.


The film runs on a beaten track but the director has used his mind to give few twists to it. He was well supported with efficient technical team along with good performances. The flip side is that there is lack of consistency and though the film runs well, there are no moments that really create an impact on the audience. The first half is more of a visual feast and it is only in the second half that the story begins. At the box office, the film will not be a super hit but it has a strong chance of becoming a profit grosser.

Darling Telugu Movie Review


Light hearted time-pass fare, recommended

The Cast and Crew

Prabhas, Kajal Agarwal, Prabhu, Dharmavarapu, M S, Mukesh Rishi, Shraddha Das, Ahuti Prasad, Srinivas Reddy, Raja Sridhar, Tulasi, Chandra Mohan, Kota and others

Music: G V Prakash

Cinematography: I Andrew

Director: Karunakaran

Producer: B V S N Prasad

The Rating

3.25 out of 5

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