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Dangerous Ishq short video to release on net

Dangerous Ishq short video to release on net

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has decided to release a short video of Dangerous Ishq of six minutes duration on the net so that the audience will know what expect from the film.

The trailers of the film are being aired and Vikram says that the viewers might think the film is just another reincarnation film. He says the film is a psychological thriller.

Bhatt says it is a new film and people thought it is about re-incarnation and revenge. Actually it is a story about kidnapping in the here and now that is intercut by Karisma’s previous life’s memories. The answers to why is her boyfriend kidnapped and who is he really can be sought in her previous life. She has 24 hours to find her boyfriend and his kidnapper. Every time she delves into her past life, she finds a clue. It also involves the process of going into past life regression. So, the short video will be on the net on May 6.

This is’s comeback film.

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