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Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

The Film

Daggaraga…Dooranga is based on the premise of an impossible coincidence and culminates in an improbable climax. What could have been a taught suspense thriller peters down to a languid love story with implausible heroics.

The Synopsis

The story has three streams: In the firs, Gautam(Sumanth) is the creative head in Rainbow Advertising agency in Hyderabad and he creates a computer generated face as model Kamakshi for his clients. In the second, there is Meenakshi ( Vedhika) in Visakhapatnam whose parents are on the lookout for a suitable marriage proposal for her. She looks exactly like the model Meenakshi created by Gautam. In the third, Zarina (Sindhu Tolani) , a friend of Meenakshi, works as an investigative TV reporter on terrorist activities.

Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

With demand for model Kamakshi, Gautam creates an Ad for a liquor company with Kamakshi in a semi-nude pose holding a beer bottle which is printed in magazines. The prospective bridegroom for Meenakshi cancels her engagement with her after seeing the vulgar Kamakshi beer Ad. An infuriated Meenakshi wants Zarina’s help to nail down the Rainbow Ad agency and she travels to Hyderabad. Zarina, through the help of an informant Karim, is able to film the plans of terrorist Omar and Khayyum who want to blast the Assembly building and Secunderabad Railway station.

Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

Meenakshi arrives in Hyderabad. Zarina, still on the track of terrorists, hands over a CD to Meenakshi for safe keeping. Zarina gets caught while filming the terrorists’ den and killed. They are now after Meenakshi to get hold of the CD. Meanwhile, Meenakshi goes to Gautam’s office and lambasts everyone. As she comes out of the office, she is kidnapped by the terrorists. Gautam chases the terror gang who land up at the hotel where Meenakshi is staying. The police also land at the hotel after a tip-off by a cop on duty. The terrorists escape while Gautam and Meenakshi are arrested mistaking them to be terrorists and are hand-cuffed..

Will Gautam and Meenakshi come out of the police custody? Will the terrorists get hold of Gautam and Meenakshi? What happens to the terrorist plan to trigger blasts in Hyderabad? The answers to these questions take you to a pedantic pre-climax lead and an utterly unnatural and illogical climax.

Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

The Performances

Sumanth, somehow carries a fixed expression on his face on all occasions like a mask. He appears laid back and uninterested in the proceedings. Vedhika looks glamorous and has nothing much to do in an ill-etched role. Sindhu Tolani carries herself well as a reporter. The attempted comedy of Krishna Bhaghawan and Raghu Babu is gawdy and in poor taste. Brahmandam has no humorous role to play. All others merely go through their motions.

The Techniques

The impossible coincidence of a computer generated model having an exact look-alike is novel, but director Ravi Chawla missed an opportunity convert the film into a thrilling terror inspired crime thriller with loads of suspense. The screenplay, somehow, does not show the required urgency in dealing with a situation where people are killed all around and the lives of Gautam and Meenakshi are in great danger. The narration is languid and lethargic. Dialogues become redundant in the absence of a gripping drama. Music is good, but the duet in the second half throttles any interest in the narration. Cinematography has nothing much to rave about. The editor has not much of a choice except the routine cut and paste job. Production values are ok.

Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

The Verdict

Before, the screening of the film, the theatre has shown state government Ads about 108 services where you can call even police and fire services. In the second half of the film, you will wonder why the hand-cuffed hero and heroine do not use their mobile phones, particularly after they watch the CD on terror plans. She receives phones from her mother on marriage alliances. He receives phones from his boss. Somehow, both never bother to call the police. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

The hero in the film says he believes doing things differently. There is even a song on that theme. But, the director missed that point and delivers an indifferent output. Such a sheer waste of time and resources, for them and us.

Ee cinemaki dooranga untene manchidi…

The Cast and Crew

Sumanth, Vedika, Sindhu Tolani, Raghubabu, Krishna Bhagawan, Brahmanandam, Satyam Rajesh and others

Director: Ravi Kumar Chavali

Producer: J Sambhasiva Rao

Music Director: Raghu Kunche

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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