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Creative differences between Sanjay Dutt and RGV?

Creative differences between Sanjay Dutt and RGV?

Ram Gopal Varma is directing Sanjay Dutt are together in Department but sources say that the two may not work together again, in the near future, including in the director’s new venture on the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.
RGV is said to be not keen to associate with the corporate company that’s also presenting and co-producing the film.

It is reported that Dutt was against RGV’s idea on shooting it on a 5D camera, like his previous venture, Not a Love Story.

According to sources, when the result of Sanjay’s sequence at an Irani café didn’t come out as good as expected, the scene was re-shot recently in RGV’s absence.

Further, it is learnt that when the corporate company tried interfering in the creative aspect of the film, RGV was unhappy that Dutt went along with their suggestions, even though he disagreed.

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