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Court will Examine two New Witnesses in Salman’s Case

Court will Examine two New Witnesses in Salman’s Case

A former doctor from JJ Hospital who had earlier examined Salman Khan when he was arrested in the year 2002 hit-and-run case says that the vials in which he has taken the star’s blood samples were not sealed properly as required by law. Salman Khan is trapped in trials on account of culpable homicide not amounting to murder when his Land Rover killed a man and injured four others after it bumped into a Bakery in the year September 2002. In reaction to a request made by public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat, sessions judge DW Deshpande gave order to examine tow more witnesses. One of the witnesses is a constable who took Salman’s blood sample from the hospital to the forensic lab and the other is an RTO chief who will give evidence that Salman didn’t have a driving license at that time.

Salman’s legal adviser Shrikant Shivade, when cross examined the doctor then he said that there are no records in hospital of Salman’s blood being taken and sent for finding the alcohol level.

When asked by Shivande, the doctor said clearly that it ‘is possible’ to remove and seal the vial again which contained the blood sample. Shivande tried to prove that the sample’s treatment was unsatisfactory. The trial will take place on February 12.

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