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Court Rejected Salman Khan’s Plea

Court Rejected Salman Khan's Plea

On Wednesday Mumbai session court declined a plea by Bollywood actor Salman Khan to adjourn for three weeks the recording of his statement by the judge D W Deshpande under Section 313 of the CrPC. in 2002 for alleged hit-and-run case, the actor need to be present on March 27.

The court would question him on his various aspects of the trial. The accused will be given a chance to explain the circumstances and allegations against him and also answer questions on the evidence. On Friday, the actor’s statement will be recorded in which he will be able to put his side of the story. The cross-examination of investigating officer Kisan Shengal of Mumbai, the prosecution declared it had closed its case in the 13-year-old case.

The actor’s Defence advocate Srikant Shivde had sought the adjournment as “the actor’s presence was required in the criminal trial in Jodhpur”. The prosecutor Pradip Gharat has opposed the plea of Salman Khan. The investigating officer Kisan Shengal have done cross-examination on Wednesday, the actor have question by Shivde on the statement of deceased witness Ravindra Patil.

Mumbai court have also rejected Shivde’s plea and need to re-examine the other aspect for the investigating officer in the case, Rajendra Kadam.

Its actor might turn in a huge trouble.

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