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Court case against Mahesh Khaleja

Court case against Mahesh Khaleja

Mahesh Babu’s forthcoming film Mahesh Khaleja is again facing legal hurdles about the title just a week before its release. Producer Vijayabhaskar Reddy, slapped legal notice on the actor and his film for using a title that he had already registered with the AP Film Chamber of Commerce in October last year.

“Since I protested the use of my title, the actor added ‘Mahesh’ to his title and made it Mahesh Khaleja. But his name is written in a smaller font and the damage to my title has already been done. I approached the court to prevent Mahesh from using my title,” said Reddy.

The producers of Mahesh Khaleja claim that since they are using the prefix “Mahesh” there is no duplication of the title.

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