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Comedy hero giving producers sleep less nights

Comedy hero giving producers sleep less nightsStars in the past used to give most importance to the time, now it is an old tradition that nobody in the new generation want to follow. In the present scenario ‘’coming late’’ to the shootings is fashion not only among the young stars but even comedians and villains and heroines.

Though the tollywod banned Prakash Raj for his histrionics and indiscipline on the sets a lot more are need to be given similar punishment.

It seems the success got into the head of Allari Naresh. In the recent past he is creating a lot of hardships for the producers by not attending shooting regularly and at times completely skipping the shootings. Many producers requested E.V.V to interfere and discipline his son.

Hope EVV will remember how Rajendra Prasad got out of the good books of the many producers particularly EVV and S.V and spoiled his career just because of his unreasonable demands and inordinate delays to the shootings.

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