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Cinematic experiment Life In A Day on YouTube

Cinematic experiment Life In A Day on YouTube

A cinematic experiment to document a single day on earth was conceived by YouTube and film producer Liza Marshall.

The idea was simple, yet in its execution very complex. The idea: ask YouTube users to videotape one full-day in their lives, July 24, 2010, and send in the video. The execution: from the footage, edit a 90-minute movie.

4500 videos from a wide range of people in 192 countries were received with 80,000 hours of footage. This film titled Life In A Day is made by Scott Free Productions of Oscar winners Ridley and Tony Scott and directed by a.

The movie is available on YouTube (http://youtu.be/JaFVr_cJJIY) with subtitles in 25 languages including Hindi.

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