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Chunky Pandey, a sailor in past life?

Chunky Pandey, a sailor in past life?

After undergoing a session of past life regression, actor Chunky Pandey has found out that he was a sailor in his past life.

The actor was the first to undergo the therapy on the upcoming season of Imagine’s “Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka”. He wanted to understand the reason behind his obsession of checking if his doors are locked – an issue that was leaving him sleep deprived and restless.

When Chunky was taken back into his past life by past life regression therapist Trupti Jayin, he went back to the late 1800s somewhere in Lisbon. He saw himself as Daniel, captain of a ship that was sailing from Lisbon to Goa.

Chunky also saw that Rebecca, the love of his life, and a little princess Raisa were with him on his voyage. However, some unfortunate turn of events took place that created a huge impact on all three of them.

At the end, Chunky was able to find the reason for his obsession, and says he feels much better now.

“My experience on the show has been both shocking and satisfying. I am relieved to know the cause of my obsession and feel much lighter now. I am sure this experience is going to help me overcome the fears of my present life and I am looking forward to see a positive change in me,” Chunky said in a press statement.

The second season of the show will go on air Saturday.

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