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Chiru busy with Bunny marriage arrangements

Chiru busy with Bunny marriage arrangements

Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi spoiled his image in politics by flip-flopping over Telangana issue. During election campaign he supported separate Telangana statement and when the Centre gave green signal for Telangana, Chiranjeevi changed his mind and stood for united Andhra Pradesh. Therefore he lost credibility in Telangana region and no leader worth of his salt is in Praja Rajyam in Telangana region.

With little work to do in politics, Chiru now concentrating on his film career and citing fans demand as reason for reentry into Tollywood.

His 150th film may start in February next year.

Chiranjeevi said that he will allot 10 days for movie and 20 days for politics. Chiru is preoccupied with marriage works of Allu Arjun, therefore he is not concentrating too much time on politics.

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