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Chiranjeevi Regains His Physique By Hitting Gym

Chiranjeevi Regains His Physique By Hitting Gym

Chiranjeevi had maintained good physique when he remained in the film industry. Though his body had developed with certain fat content, he continued to remain strong and fit till his last film. However, after making his entry into politics he did not concentrate on his physique and he remained fatty. Soon after taking a decision to return to films and do his 150th film, he started concentrating on his physique and hit the gym regularly and turned perfectly fit. All those who watched Chiranjeevi when he is in politics remained spell-bound, while watching him at the Sardar Gabbar Singh audio function. Despite turning 60, he continued to do physical exercises and regained his glamour. He attended the audio function with a rough look on the lines of ‘Gang Leader and Big Boss’. Not only that he is concentrating on the songs and is taking training in a special dance. It is quite heartening to note that he is working hard to remain to retain as an artiste in film industry.

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