Chiranjeevi movie based on Anna Hazare life

Chiranjeevi movie based on Anna Hazare life

K Balachander directed movie,Chiranjeevi home production Rudraveena was based on social worker Anna Hazare.

Of course, there was legal battle between director K Balachander and Ramoji Rao over the story. But Chiranjeevi was not involved in the legal battle. Rudraveena, national award winning (1988) film also starring Sobhana, Gemini Ganesh was produced by Anjana Productions.

Suryam played by Chiranjeevi is a young man strives for a better society. Suryam vows not to marry till he reforms drunkards in the village. Suryam succeeds in his ‘yagnam’ and the Government of India confers him with title of ‘Dashabdi Yuvakudu’. Prime Minister of India comes to the village to felicitate Suryam. Suryam’s father Sastry realizes his son’s ideals and proudly addresses himself as Suryam’s father.

Anna Hazare built a village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahmad Nagar district at 80 km from Pune in Maharashtra. It is now a self-sustained model village. Energy is produced from solar power, bio-fuel and wind mills.

Young Anna Hazare, who happened to read Swami Vivekananda and Gandhi lives determined that the purpose of life was to serve others, second, never preach what you do not practice.

China’s unprovoked aggression in 1962 provoked Hazare to join the Army. He was trained as a truck driver after an accident he was alone and lost for several days. He faced death and when rescued, he was convinced that he had been spared for a purpose. The 25 year long trucker’s stop at Ralegan seems to be over. Now, is driving for India.

Maestro Ilayaraja won national award for best music director for Rudraveena. The songs penned by Sirivennela are evergreen.

Though Rudraveena failed at the box-office, it is one of the meaningful movies in the career of megastar Chiranjeevi.

The film won four national awards – best regional feature film, best music, best male playback (Yesudasu) and Nargis Dutt award for national integration.

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