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Chiranjeevi Initiates Clean India Campaign

Chiranjeevi Initiates Clean India Campaign

Mega Star Chiranjeevi after becoming Union Minister for Tourism, has been actively involved in introducing new means to promote tourism. Apart from campaigning vigorously at international forums and festivals to promote Tourism in India, he is also making his department organise various functions inviting delegates from all countries so that they can get first hand experience of India.

Now with a vision to preserve our historical monuments, and improve the quality of tourism around them, Tourism minister K Chiranjeevi has initiated the Clean India Campaign. Clean India campaign will find host at The Taj Mahal, one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Chiranjeevi will be at Agra to kick start the campaign in the presence of industrialists.

Chiranjeevi successfully convinced Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) to adopt 6 monuments for maintenance and upkeep.As such ONGC will adopt the Elora Caves, the Elephanta Caves in Maharashtra, the Red Fort in New Delhi, Golkonda Fort near Hyderabad, and Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu apart from the Taj Mahal.
Clean India Campaign is a part of the central government’s strategy for the 12th Five year Plan, to improve and preserve the quality of tourism destinations across India.

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