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Chiranjeevi in black and white

Chiranjeevi in black and white

Person you like?
Mahatma Gandhi

Favourite actors?
Sean Connery, SV Ranga Rao, Charlie Chaplin

Favourite movie?
City Lights

Favourite actress?

Your best friend?

Favourite music?
Folk music

Your farourite place?
My bed-room

Favourite food?
All food items. Sea food I like more.

Your role model?
Any hard-working person. That can be head of the State or a daily labourer

Your favourite film of yours?

Your favourite colour?

Your favourite place, overseas?

Your valuable possession?
Small gold watch given by my mother when I am 5 years old.

In your view, what is the most valuable?
Human relations

One thing that makes you unhappy?
Still there are many hungry people

One thing that makes you happy?
Increase of employment opportunities

What will you want, if God appears before you?
God’s presence itself is a boon. What is there to ask

One line you like?
In achieving targets, there should not be any doubt

What is your advice to your fans?
Youth is very important state in human beings life. If you lose it, you cannot recover. By knowing it, every moment should be utilized for betterment.

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