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Chiranjeevi’s party announcement on 08-08-08?

Chiranjeevi’s party announcement on 08-08-08?According to the usually reliable sources, Chiranjeevi will make a piligrimage to Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam on August 7. After receiving the blessings of the Pitadhipathi of Kanchi, he will make an official announcement about his political party at 08 hours, 08 minutes and 08 seconds on 08-08-08.

The time and date, reading 08:08:08; 08-08-08 is considered very auspicious from the astrological point of view.

On August 14 or 15, a massive rally will be organized at Hyderabad, where the megastar will announce the party’s name and its aims and objectives. The meet will be attended by thousands of fans and party members from all districts of Andhra Pradesh and other states, including a huge delegation of NRIs.

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