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Cheryl Cole to judge US ‘X-factor’

Cheryl Cole to judge US 'X-factor'

London, Sep 17 : Singer Cheryl Cole is reportedly set to join music mogul Simon Cowell as a judge on the US version of talent hunt show “X Factor”.

The 27-year-old is said to have signed a multi-million pound deal for that show that will debut in the US next year.

“I would say it’s a good bet that Cheryl is coming to America. It’s something that Simon and Cheryl have been discussing for months. You know, it’s a very exciting prospect for everyone involved to have Cheryl on board,” dailymail.co.uk quoted a source close to Cowell as saying.

“Cheryl loves Los Angeles and this is extremely exciting. It is all part of a fresh new start for her,” the source added.

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