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Chapter 6 Movie Review

Chapter 6 Movie Review

The Film

Chapter 6 is an episodic film with coloured presentation without proper conectivity or appeopriate content.

The Synopsis

Episode 1 – Birth of Love – Blue

Bharat (Bala) is in love with Shilpa (Sonia Suri) daughter of police commissioner. They get intimate and Shilpa gets pregnant and the couple plan to elope.

Episode 2 – Divinity of Love – White

Satya Bhama (Kalyani), a tenant of Kota Kutumba Rao (Kota Srinivas Rao), marries the house owner’s son Satya Murthy (Harinath) who falls in love with her.

Chapter 6 Movie Review

Episode 3 – Separation of Love – Black

Satya Bhama, an employee of a finance company, is arrested because of some irregularities in her company which are not of her making. Her husband also finds himself at the wrath of the police.

Episode 4 – Pain of Love – Yellow

Bharat who wants to elope with Shilpa is arrested by police while Satya Murthy is released, both separated from their loving partners.

Chapter 6 Movie Review

Episode 5 – Search of Love – Red

Satya Murthy kidnaps Shilpa to know about the whereabouts of his wife Satya Bhama, who is pregnant.

Episode 6 – Victory of Love – Multi-colour

Bharat and Satya Murthy join hands to win their respective life partners.

The Performances

Bala does well in his role. Harinath performs with conviction. Kalyani essays her role with ease. Kota is his usual self. All others carry on with their roles.

Chapter 6 Movie Review

The Techniques

Any Episodic film should either have independent episodes with variations of the theme or proper conectivity. With a weak story and illogical connectivity, the narration goes haywire. The screenplay is shoddy, though attempt has been made to make the presentation colourful. Dialogues do not assist the story telling. Music is just average. Nothing much to say about any technical values.

Chapter 6 Movie Review

The Verdict

Chapter 6 is a grandiose effort to make a film without a story and with skimpy sketches of characters. The film appears to test the patience of the audience.

The Cast and Crew

Bala, Kalyani, Sonia Suri, Harinath, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dharmavarapu, Kondavalasa and others

Director: Surya Kiran

Producer: Kalyani

Music Director: Mohan Sithara, PC Shivan

The Rating

1.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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