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Chapter 6: A forgettable stuff

Chapter-6 Movie Review

Bharat (Bala) and Shilpa (Sonia) become lovers. One rainy night makes them cross limits and Shilpa becomes pregnant. Her Police Commissioner father is very strict in love matters and warns to shoot both if she brings anyone before him.

Therefore the couple wants to elope.

Satyabhama (Kalyani) exposes police and drug mafia nexus. As a result the police officer is suspended. Fearing threat to her life from police and mafia she comes to Vizag from Hyderabad. There she marries one Satyamurthy, who was rejected 51 times earlier. He is an interior designer. Satyabhama finds job in a Chitfund company.

The chit company he is working close shop. The police officer in-charge of the case is the same one who was dismissed in drugs case, where Satyabhama provided evidence. Now, the police officer wants to take revenge. From here, starts police torture of couple and audience too.

Bharat wants to elope with Shilpa but Satyamurthy kidnaps her. How the couple prove their innocence forms the rest of the film.

Jagapathi Babu has given voice over to the film. There are six chapters in the film with suitable colour to match its mood.

One becomes bored of the film well before interval. Just before interval the director tries to give twist to the story. But that cannot save.

A couple of songs are okay especially the last song with Kalyani. The film fails to keep interest live.

The Rating

1 out of 5

Review by pala hanmi reddy

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