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Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s Prayanam

Chandrasekhar Yeleti's Prayanam

Chandrasekhar Yeleti

The new wave film maker Chandrasekhar Yeleti who has earned critical acclaim for his movies like Aithe and Anukokunda Oka Roju is now making a film titled Prayanam. Manchu Manoj is the hero and a fresh face from Mumbai will be the heroine. Brahmanadam is said to be playing a pivotal role.

According to reports, the story revolves around airports and air travel. About half of the film will be shot in Malaysia and its international airport and the rest would be at Hyderabad.

Yeleti is known to be inspired by world cinema. The sketchy reports about the story and its backdrop somehow reminds one with the oscar winning film The Terminal with Tom Hanks in the lead.

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