Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

The Film

Chance Pe Dance is the story of star-struck struggler who ultimately becomes a star after going through the agony of making it big.

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

The Synopsis

Sameer Behl (Shahid Kapoor) arrives in Mumbai to become a film star. He does odd jobs to make both ends meet and tries to become a model in TV commercials. He refuses to be helped by his father (Parikshit Sahni). He is in love with Tina (Genelia D’Souza) who is a professional choreographer. Finally, he gets a chance to be a hero in a film but he is thrown out of his rented accommodation by the owner (Kurush Deboo). He starts living in his second hand four-wheeler. He starts getting increasingly dejected. Encouraged by Tina, he starts working as a dance teacher in a school. He helps the kids win a prestigious award in an inter-school dance competition. The director who first offered him a role now opts for a reality talent show to select the hero for his film. Again encouraged by Tina and the kids he becomes a topper in the show and realizes his dream of becoming a film star.

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

The Performances

Shahid Kapoor with his eight pack Abs dances vigorously and acts with conviction but his role is not properly delineated. Genelia is ebullient and energetic. Parikshit Sahni and Kurush Deboo have nothing much to do. Vikas Bhalla as the companion is OK. The kids of course are natural angels. All others are just about adequate.

The Techniques

The story has good potential but the director makes the film look like a music video. The screenplay swings between moods of dejection and dance numbers. There is no cohesiveness in stringing the scenes. The utter predictability of the story is a set back. Dialogues by Kiran Kotrial are just ordinary. Music by Adnan Sami and Pritam are good but do not have the chart-busting ring to the tunes. Cinematography is neat.

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

The Verdict

You can take a chance with Chance Pe Dance but the film is neither a drama nor a complete entertainer. It is a mix of Channel V and MTV.

The Cast and Crew

Shahid Kapoor, Genelia D’Souza, Parikshit Sahni, Kurush Deboo, Vikas Bhalla and others.

Story and Screenplay: Ken Ghosh and Nupur Asthana

Dialoges: Kiran Kotrial, Manu Rishi

Choreography: Ahmed Khan and Marty Kudelka

Music: Adnan Sami and Pritam

Producer: Rony Screwalla

Banner: UTV Motion Pictures

Director: Ken Ghosh

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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