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Chanakyudu Movie Review

Chanakyudu Movie Review

Hero turned child artist Taneesh who featured in Nachavule, Ride films impressed all. However his latest ventures Em Pillo Em Pillado did not do well at the box office and is now coming as ‘Chanakyudu’ in search of a hit. Let us see what Chanakyudu has in store for Tanish.


Swapna (Ishita Dutta) leads a lonely life away from relatives as her uncles’ sons eliminated her parents for property. She tries to find out suitable partner for marriage from a joint family. Her search leads her to Chanakya (Taneesh). Though Chanakya is not interesed in Swapna, she will be after her.
In the midst of all this Chanakya’s brother (Jackie) takes snaps of some people who were murdering someone in a property dispute. The goons kill entire family members of Chanakya.

What is the relationship between those who killed Chankaya’s family and killers of Swapna’s parents and how Swapna and Chanakya find the killers form the plot of the story.


Taneesh who showed more interest in action scenes exceled well compared to romantic scenes. He did exceedingly well in one stunt sequence. Ishita Dutta did not get much scope to perform and looked ok. She looked good when she smiled. Others did their job accordingly. Two songs Na Cheliaya Navvu, Na Swasallona are good.


Taneesh showed lack of interest in the film except for enacting stunts. The film has five villians but none of them have importance. Even their performance is below standard. Director selected a old story known to all for years and failed totally in screen play. People get confused whether the film is in flash back or in present. He saved all giving clarity in climax. There are lot of silly points which people laugh on hearing from the film. Even after three murders not even single police officer appear on screen.


Music by Rahul and Vengi is good in bits and pieces. BGM is average. Cinematography is below standard as they did not do even DI. Editing is horrible.

Final Talk

Chanakya is below average flick and lacks basic technical values.

Cast-Tanish, Ishita Dutta
Produer-Gotteganti Ramachandra, Nandan Reddy, T.Santosh
Director-Gotteganti Srinivas

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