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CGTR: Rambabu’s Story Thro’ Ganga’s Camera?

CGTR: Rambabu’s Story Thro’ Ganga’s Camera?

Now that the theatrical trailer of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu, speculation is ripe that Rambabu has two shades to his character. One as a journalist and the other as a fighter for the common man. Sources say that part of the story of Pawan fighting powerful political mafia is told through the camera of Ganga, who in turn falls in love with him because of his fight for the common man. The film appears to be styled to make his fans to go into a dizzy.

The songs of the film have been received with mixed reaction as they are not anywhere near the zing of Gabbar Singh music. However, Baba Sehgal’s Pawanism song is said to be incorporated for the end titles.

The post-production work is in progress and the film is getting ready for release on October 18.

Tamanna, who had hit film with Ram Charan Teja’s Racha and an average film with Ram in Endukante Premanta this year, has Rebel releasing this week. With CGTR, she has four film releases in 2012.

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