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Censor cuts Taapsee’s navel teaser to size

Censor cuts Taapsee’s navel teaser to size

Dialogue king Mohan Babu is known for his knack of maximum exposing of his heroines in his movies. His son Vishnu seems to be following his father’s footsteps.

Vishnu is the producer of his latest film Vastaadu Naa Raju. Recently, the Consor Board objected to a trailer of the movie where heroine Taapsee’s navel is exposed. Taapsee wears gagra choli in that particular song. This song was picturised in Venice. Censor objected to that exposing scene.

Vishnu had no other way to promote his movie but YouTube. The trailer then downloaded to YouTube. Vishnu too is banking on the beauty of his heroine. Vishnu should keep in mind that only glamour cannot make a movie hit. His last film Saleem despite liberal expose of hot Ileana failed to attract audience.

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