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Celebs Opines On Preity-ness Fight

Celebs Opines On Preity-ness Fight

Actress Preity Zinta‘s allegation of molestation against Ness Wadia her ex-beau and business has not got much reaction from Bollywood. But few like director Tanuja Chandra, Neetu Chandra, Pooja Bedi opine on it .
Ms Chandra, who directed Preity in author-backed film Sangharsh, said, “I imagine she must have thought a great deal about it and hasn’t done this on an impulse. We must wait for the legal process to move forward and avoid playing judge and jury ourselves.”
Pooja Bedi says, “Both are such lovely people. So it is just very unfortunate that it’s all turning out the way it is. Having said this I feel it is for the courts to pass a verdict, not us.”

Neetu Chandra opines that the matter is personal. However, she also believes that Preity is not the kind to raise a hue and cry unnecessarily.
Actress-parliamentarian Moon Moon Sen believes that the two should sit and talk it out.

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