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CBI seeks info from UAE on Bollywood actors

CBI seeks info from UAE on Bollywood actors

CBI has written a letter of rogatory to the UAE seeking details of certain Bollywood personalities who stayed in Dubai hotels in the 1990s and reportedly enjoyed the hospitality of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Dubai authorities were asked to furnish details of all the Bollywood personalities who visited Dubai frequently. It was common for Bollywood stars to have their stay at hotels sponsored by ganglords and join in lavish parties. Some were reported to have attended underworld dons’ kin’s weddings and entertained them.

The letter of rogatory has specified the names of at least four stars. Two of them are female always thought to have been associated with Dawood gang. One, officials said, had ”very intimate” relations with the don and the other actress, a recent entrant in the political scene, was known to be associated with Dawood’s brother, Anees Ibrahim.

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