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CBFC In A Quandary Over Prakash Jha’s Claimer

CBFC In A Quandary Over Prakash Jha’s Claimer

For a change, multiple National Film Award winning filmmaker has put the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) in a quandary as he insists that his upcoming film Chakravyuh will carry a Claimer and not a Disclaimer.

Most films carry the Disclaimer at the beginning of the films which goes like, “Resemblances to any character or incident,living or dead are purely coincidental”.

Now for Chakravyuh, which deals with the the issue of naxalites, Prakash Jha wants a Claimer which reads, “Resemblances to real-life characters and incidents are intentional”.

Prakash Jha says it is important to let the audience know that the political references in this film are not artificial.

However, the CBFC is apparently apprehensive of declaring real-life claims in films, as these almost invariably spark off controversies.

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