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Carey Mulligan terrified of driving

Carey Mulligan terrified of driving

London, Sep 10, Hollywood actress Carey Mulligan has no confidence in her driving skills and was “terrified” when she was forced to finally obtain her licence for new film “Never Let Me Go”.

The 25-year-old admits she never had an interest in getting behind the wheel, and was gripped with fear when she learned a scene in the thriller called for her to drive a car, reports dailystar.co.uk.

“I got it (driving licence) in Los Angeles finally because, I have to drive in the movie and our director Mark Romanek wanted me to drive a manual car, a stick,” said Mulligan.

“I never wanted to learn how to drive. I lived in Germany and London where you don’t need to drive,” she added.

She eventually faced her fear on the shoot, but admits the anxiety was high after she failed her first driving test.

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