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Canadian Filmmaker wants Shah Rukh Khan

Canadian Filmmaker wants Shah Rukh Khan

The India-born Canadian filmmaker Nisha Pahuja the director of award- winning documentary ‘The World Before her’ says, instead of going for a career in Bollywood she is keen to direct more such real stories.
Nisha has previously directed documentaries ‘Diamond Road’ and ‘Bollywood Bound’. She says, “I will never direct a Bollywood film, until and unless it has Shah Rukh Khan in it. Then, surely I will make a Hindi film, otherwise, I have no plans to venture into Bollywood as I like directing real subjects”.
She praise for director Anurag Kashyap, who turned presenter for the documentary. She says, “His backing had a tremendous impact on the film. When a director like him is supporting your film, people expect it to be of some quality and level. Anurag is a wonderful person and has been the best thing to have happened to the film in India”.

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