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Cameron wants people to visit Mars

Cameron wants people to visit Mars

Los Angeles, Aug 18: Acclaimed filmmaker James Cameron, who has been working in cooperation with NASA to help scientists build a 3D camera for Mars, wants people to to be willing enough to visit the planet.

The director says although he is enthusiastic about sending ordinary people to Mars, he is worried that the public is not interested in exploring the planet enough. He also suggested more money should be spent on space exploration than funding wars that he deems as unnecessary.

“I’ve been thinking about the issues of sending human beings to Mars for a long time. But it requires national will, and right now that national will, quite frankly, isn’t up to the task,” Cameron said in a statement.

“People don’t care about it enough, which is why I want to make films about this and get people excited about exploration. Frankly, what would you rather spend your money on – pointless wars in the Middle East to support our oil addiction or going to another planet?” he added.

Cameron is known for his magnum opus sci-fi projects like “Terminator”, “Aliens”, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and “Avatar” to name a few.

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