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The Happening to release on June 13

M Night Shyamalan’s The Happening stars Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel as a couple caught in what initially seems to be a terrorist attack as an airborne toxin is released in and around Philadelphia, threatening the human population. In the United States, The Happening will carry an “R” rating, which means only people 17 or older will be able to attend, unless supervised by a parent, and the film opens on Friday, the 13th of June.
It is the first film from the writer and director of smash hits such as The Sixth Sense and Signs that is aimed mostly at adult audiences, which Shyamalan said meant he could make it more intense and frightening. In the first few minutes, for instance, two women are sitting on a bench talking normally to each other as the dialogue gets increasingly strange. Then, as one turns to the other, she sees her friend in a horrific act – so scary, Shyamalan said, he does not want to give away all the details.
Shyamalan said the fear that audiences feel comes from trying to figure out exactly what the toxin is and where it will show up and never getting clear answers. With his unique brand of supernatural thriller, Shyamalan has mostly enjoyed a Midas touch at box offices.

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