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Motherhood has changed my dressing sense: Dannii Minogue

Motherhood has changed my dressing sense: Dannii Minogue

London, Sep 7 : Pop star Dannii Minogue says motherhood has altered her dressing sense.

“I’ve just been laughing, because mostly when I dress I like plain colours, but now I’m thinking prints are good because you will pick him up and he will vomit down the back of your shoulder, so plain clothing is quite dangerous after a feed,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

Dannii gave birth to son Ethan Edward in July with partner Kris Smith.

Dannii also revealed she is in no hurry to lose all her baby weight as she wants to spend her free time with Ethan and Kris.

“I have been trying to spend 24/7 with Ethan and I haven’t had the energy to do anything but just get through that. I always said I just want to focus on being a mother and when I can get back around to it, I’ll work out but I’m not going to rush into it. Going back to work is so far from my mind at the moment.”

“I know my body is completely different to what it was before but I don’t care. I loved being pregnant, I loved my body changing and my belly growing – it was amazing, I had never been that confident having my picture taken. In fact, when I was pregnant, it was the most calm I’ve ever been. It’s just beautiful; you’re just in love with your body and everything going on because it’s your little baby inside,” she said.

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